I am pleased to introduce some fine delicate freshly prepared Japanese green teas to England. These speciality teas are superb quality and very easy to make. Although they may seem relatively expensive, they last a long time and so are in fact good value for money.

Welcome to Ocha-Tea Green Tea Specialists

MatchaThe teas are grown in the southern island of Kyushu in the Yame region, which is famous for the mild taste of its ‘Sencha’ (Standard green tea) and ‘Gyokuro’ (Superior green tea).

Yame teas have become very popular in Japan recently since people prefer the mild flavour of these, in contrast to the punchy bitterness of traditional green teas.

The teas also provide consistently green colour (not brown), a distinctive smell, and flavour. Perhaps a sense of tranquillity as well!

You can either buy online now or you can contact me via e-mail or telephone. Enjoy your tea.

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